On Stack Overflow, on my profile page I can access the list of my flags, screen shot

but not here, on Android Enthusiasts:

screen shot

I know that on SO the link appears after at least one helpful flag, but I have manually composed the link to check that and I have two helpful flags now.

Is this option completely missing on Android Enthusiasts, it's a bug for me or I don't know where to look for it?


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Based on the screenshot, it looks like you're using the "collapsed" view of your profile here at the moment. There should be a link next to your name that says more info. Click on that to expand it, which will reveal additional profile information (including your flag count).

enter image description here

  • Indeed, I have completely missed that small green link and I was always wondering why you have a different profile page style on AE :D
    – Adinia
    Dec 3, 2012 at 14:01

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