Being quite new to the 10k mod tools, I just discovered a question being flaggt OT 3 times (as the question's phrasing was misunderstood, IMHO). Below the question, I see two buttons:

  • flag or disagree
  • close question

As I feel the question is perfectly on-topic, I obviously do not want to hit the second button. The first sounds promising (flag or DISAGREE) -- but only gives me the option to FLAG, not to disagree.

So how can I "decrease the flag weight" in such cases (except for adding a comment to the question pointing out the problem)?


It's very well hidden for some reason. The options that are shown after you hit Flag or disagree button also have on option that is named "Invalid flag".

  • Urgs. That box could be flagged for ambiguous phrasing: "I'm flagging this because...I disagree with the flag". Yepp, makes sense #D Thanks! I completely overlooked that... – Izzy Dec 10 '12 at 11:20

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