We have the tags (x6) and (x65). Should the two be merged, with translation becoming a synonym to localization? The current 6 "translation questions" deal with topics very close to "localization", which would speak for a merge. A possible argument against could be the term "translation" being applied to content as well (as e.g. with "Google Translate").

Being unsure, I seek your opinions. Clearly, we have two options:

  • Yes: Merge the two and synonymize. Optionally update the tag wiki of "localization" to make it clear.
  • No: Translation should be applied to content. In this case:
    • re-tag questions closer related to "localization"
    • create a tag wiki for "translation" making clear what this tag is about

What do you think? Maybe I even missed a third option?

EDIT: I just noticed a third related tag: (x76)...

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Sorry for short-circuiting your vote, but this seemed pretty clear-cut to me since most of the translation questions were in fact localization questions. I've merged and synonymized.

I think is alright to stay separate since it seems like a proper subset of localization, but I'm open to other options.

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  • No need to be sorry (and thanks for your action!) -- I just took into consideration that others might be as confused as me. Good that someone (you) has a clear view on this :) I was tending to the same direction, or I wouldn't have asked. So what's left is me checking the tag wikis of the two remaining tags whether they might need some clearification. Will do so on this weekend (currently I'm a little in a rush). Thanks again! – Izzy Feb 22 '13 at 17:01
  • @Izzy No problem, thanks again for all your work on our tags lately! – Matthew Read Feb 22 '13 at 17:24
  • Also no problem :) – Izzy Feb 22 '13 at 18:52

Yes, we should merge the two: should be the merge target, translation should become its synonym.

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No, the two should stay separate:

  • shall remain for the "technical issue" of having apps and their dialogs, hints, etc. using the local language, which will of course include "helping to translate an app" (How can I make Android to always use my language, including all its apps? being a possible example question). The tag wiki might need to be updated to make this clear.
  • should be used for content related questions/issues, such as e.g. problems with translation apps (Google Translate & Co) as well as questions like How can I automatically translate web pages in the stock browser?
    • questions tagged 'translation' but rather referring to different topics should be re-tagged
    • a tag wiki should be created for the translation tag to make its use clear
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