We have the tags (x10) and (x5). As the focus of our site is neither in developing RSS Feeds, nor in recommending good ones, nor in trouble-shooting the feeds (which again would belong to the development category), this leaves issues with RSS reading apps -- so both tags, in relation to our site, must be synonyms (correct me if I'm wrong).

Hence I suggest to merge the two, making one of them a synonym to the other. I'm totally free to which one should become the master :)


Unless there's an actual app called "RSS Reader" that will be the source of questions, this seems like a reasonable merger to me.

Although, honestly, the question counts are so low we should just edit them. If the tag resurfaces later then let's create a synonym.

  • Actually, there are a bunch of apps having this in their name. Most of them use an identifying prefix (like "Easy RSS Reader", "Mobo RSS Reader"). Unfortunately there's also one just called "RSS Reader" (took its author a lot of imagination to name it, I guess). I'm not sure if that should count as an excuse, as it's not the most popular one (last updated 07/2012, and 19 votes altogether). I checked all the languages supported by Play, and only found a single comment (French). – Izzy Mar 18 '13 at 16:32
  • 2
    Then it's unlikely to generate questions here, so we can safely ignore it. – ale Mar 18 '13 at 16:40

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