I'm just checking the tags related to "time stuff" (excluding "calendars" and the like). My current "check" brought me to:

  • (x51) -- alarms generated either by the built-in Clock app or by third-party clock replacement apps
  • (x33) -- Clock related issues -- whith "Clock" iin the sense of "displaying the current time"
  • (x7) -- issues with date/time formats, adjusting time, time sync, daylight saving
  • (x10) -- issues with time zones

(I just updated their corresponding tag-wikis; above descriptions are taken from the "new wikis"). But then, while checking the tagged questions, I stumbled upon (x3). Do we really need this as a separate tag -- or could it be "synonymized" to either alarm ("countdown-timer") or clock?


One of the timer questions was miscategorized (I retagged it) and the others seemed to fall under the app as you've said. Merged and synonymized!

The breakdown of the other tags looks good to me.

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