I made an edit to a query's title:

Original title->

What the s*!+ do I do to make the 4.2 swipe keyboard stop censoring me?

My edited title->

How to disable censoring keyboard on Android 4.2.1

And my edit was rejected apparantly for reason: This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.

I do get it that writing the s word like that makes it censored. But lets get real here, even a 12 year old kid knows the real word behind that censoring. People wont pronounce it as EssStarExclamationPlus, they will say that complete S word in its original form. You know how bad the impression gets right? This.Is.StackExchange. I like this site because of its discipline, meaningfullness, helpfulness, and constructiveness. Now writing words as F*ck and S$%+ and etc etc is not really fair (or necessary for that matter) is it?

I mean no one wants people to go with these words in every sentence. Once someone begins using them, its a matter of time until numbers increase eventually. Just imagine most problems in stackexchange beginning in such a title..... I am certainly sure most people wont do that, but why even keep this rule? I know people sometimes may go overboard because of frustration due to problems, but I still dont get my edit being rejected. But its not about edit really. I just want to know know why are these allowed, especially here?

In short words, Are the *uncensored words in "censored" form really allowed here? And if yes, why?

PS-> Here's the thread/post.


Your review was auto-rejected by a Moderator none other than Community ♦. Do know that this is a bot (I repeat a bot and not human), so do not take the rejection personally.

About the rejection

The mod says:

This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.

If you check this message on Google, you'll see this meta post on Stack Overflow where one answerer wrote:

Someone else edited the question already, and did so in a way that touches the same lines yours does. [It's] a merge conflict, just like with source control systems.

You can verify the quoted answer if you see revisions of the question here. An another user (Reputation points 2k+; has edit applies immediately privilege) proposed revision 3 with the changes similar to yours (in the title), although he has fallen back to revision 2 now. One edit had to be forwarded and one to be rejected in that case, which in turn happened to be your edit. Also note that the user who proposed revision 3 was the same user who approved your edit, so no worries at least.

Since the rejection happened not by a user intervention but the way system is designed to handle subsequent edits, you may try to suggest the edit again.

On a side note, considering your history of suggested edits I suggest leaving the question untouched. This issue is now on Meta, so a Moderator or another established/trusted user would possibly try to take care of it.

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