I found this post yesterday: Ways of unlocking Nexus 4 cracked touch screen

Seeing as I had the exact same problem I thought I was very lucky to have found a solution.

ce4 had asked a question:

Doesn't the unlocking procedure wipe everything? Have you tried this? –  ce4 Oct 15 '13 at 19:46  

But no one had responded so I figured all was well, because surely someone would point out that this procedure to get access to your data would actually wipe it out.

Well I was wrong. I now know from first hand experience and talking to some knowledgeable people over at TWRP that the procedure would in fact wipe the phone clean. And I mean clean, I don't even have my data partition anymore.

Which brings me to my "question". I figured I would come over here and put a quick post to alert the next person that this is actually a very bad idea.

But whoa is me I can't comment until I have 50 points. I suspect other people also ran into the problem and may have even tried to respond but found the whole process too cumbersome and so not worth their time.

If you could arrive at some other system to allow people to comment (moderators maybe?) I think you might have a little more activity.

So I have been told that there is already an answer to my question: What's with reputation? Why do I need some to comment? the problem with that answer is that in part it states:

They don't always realise that Stack Exchange sites have questions and answers,

If there really were answers I wouldn't have to post because someone would have pointed out that the proposed "answer" was completely wrong.

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    This has been discussed in a number of different variations, and has always been declined. Privilege levels are applied to every site on the Stack Exchange network as a whole, not on a per-site basis. The network-wide request can be found here: Lower the amount of reputation needed to comment. If you feel like you have a compelling replacement for the current system, you could consider suggesting it, but Meta SE will typically look for a fairly fleshed-out idea and reasonable justification for the changes. – eldarerathis Jun 3 '15 at 16:31