At the end of the title of the question, character "M" of the word "ROM" is not shown completely. I suppose it should've either been wrapped up or a horizontal slider should've been available in the browser. Nothing big or glaring issue in site's usage, but it just looks weird.

I'm using Firefox 38.0.5 on Slackware 14.1.

If it matters, I did not open that window from the review queue but by clicking edit(1) on the post.

enter image description here


I noticed that this issue comes and goes by changing the Zoom level in Firefox. Here is the edit.

  • On my standard Zoom level:

    enter image description here

  • On Zoom in, no such issue occurs:

    enter image description here

  • Chromium doesn't have such issue no matter what the Zoom level is:

    enter image description here

So, is it a site specific issue or my Firefox is at fault, in which case, the question would possibly be closed I assume?

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