according to Area51, we have 2,700+ visits/day, which is more than the expected 1,500. The description says

1,500 visits per day is good, 500 visits per day is worrying. A great site benefits people outside the community. Eventually, 90% of a site's traffic should come from search engines.

Does anyone know/have access to where the incoming traffic are coming from? If yes, where are they coming from?

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The analytics of the site are available only to a select few.

I can tell you that the vast majority of traffic comes from Google. Not a surprise, I know.

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Ever since Nov 8, we've been skyrocketing upwards. We're seeing really good growth. I mentioned the same observation about this stackexchange in the mod chatroom. We've doubled and nearly tripled our page views.

75% of our traffic is via search engines. After that, most of it is coming from other stackexchange sites.

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    75% search traffic is pretty good for a 3-month old site. The top non-stack-exchange referrer is Twitter, followed closely by Reddit. – Robert Cartaino Dec 7 '10 at 19:27

The search engine answer seems the most likely. I know that when I've done a quick Google on answers for some of the slightly obscure questions here, the question itself often shows up in the top 5 Google results.

Also, have a look at the questions with the most views, like the Galaxy S GPS problems one. These have thousands of views, and lots of replies from users with just one rep point, that smacks of people who've just found the page through a search engine when they're trying to find the solution to a problem they're having, but aren't sticking around and using the rest of the site.

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