I "am" interested in nominating for the mod election, but I feel that I don't have all the necessary experience yet. (My plan is to become more experienced over the months so I can nominate in the next election cycle, whenever that may be.)

With that out of the way, how would I know what my "candidate score" would be if I did nominate?

I am particularly curious as to what badges are selected to count towards:

  • the "moderation badges: 8/8",
  • the "editing badges: 6/6", and
  • the "participation badges: 6/6"
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    Awesome to hear this, I've definitely noticed your activity recently and the effort is much appreciated. Commented Mar 21, 2016 at 1:50

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There's a post with the details on the SE Meta site. As far as the badges go, they are:

There is a SEDE query that will calculate your current score without having to actually submit a nomination.


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