According to the FAQ, these questions are disallowed:

Questions that are primarily opinion-based, such as device or app recommendations or speculative questions

I understand that asking "which notes app should I use?" is a poor question because it is entirely subjective, because different people will have different criteria of why you should or should not use a certain app.

But consider a question like this:

What apps are there to make toast with Android?

I need to make toast using my smartphone, but I don't know where to look and Google isn't helpful.


  • Has to make toast
  • Opensource
  • No ads
  • Relatively relevant (at the very least 10,000 downloads)

It isn't opinion-based, it is asking for all apps that there are, given that they fulfill the given criteria. Would it still be unfit for Android.SE?


No. That's still a "list question". There could be a dozen apps that do that. Which one is the "right" app?

If you have a specific use case and platform criteria, your question should be okay at Software Recommendations. I currently see well over 900 questions there tagged android.


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