Why was my question (whose title I rewrote 2 minutes ago) closed as 'off-topic', when it resembles these others that were resolved by users' suggestions of apps?


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I was one of the close voters.

  • You were specifically seeking for an app, which is discouraged for reasons mentioned and reproduced

Questions asking us to find or recommend an app, device, ROM, accessory or off-site resource are off-topic for Android Enthusiasts as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam and become obsolete quickly

  • Asking for a way or means to achieve your aim, is broader and covers all approaches to solve ( apps inclusive but barring programming / ROM modding, etc) .

  • If the intent of OP is to specifically seek an app based solution, then SE Softwarerecs is the right place. Here it is about posing a problem and asking for solutions, and those who respond may well offer app based solution or something in addition to app . See this question for example. It was also voted for closure but edited by me to make it a non app seeking question and answered . OP now has a method to help him involving a hybrid approach of using an app and other means resulting in a win - win outcome for the OP and the site

  • There are older questions on the site, which seek apps specifically and have not been closed. My guess is that these pre-date the current policy

Related Are questions looking for apps on topic? As in: "I need an app that does XYZ?" or "I want a widget that does ABC"

Edit: To sum up , questions on this site are liable to be closed if they specifically seek app based solutions, whereas solutions can include app based approach

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    Yes, we definitely got a lot of "offline maps" questions early on in the site. If any that are still around are off-topic, please flag them and we can close or lock them. Oct 31, 2016 at 14:37

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