Whenever I want to check out and answer a few questions about the Android OS, I'm always seeing questions like 'Can't connect to my Facebook account', 'Recover photos from Gallery Vault' and 'Twitter not posting tweets', which I have no idea at all about providing an answer. Among the 3rd party apps, WhatsApp takes the greatest prevalance. Most of those questions are not marked as off-topic (as they really aren't). In my opinion most should go to either their developer feedback hub or their special discussion forums, so why are so much allowed here?
P.S. I agree that it's OK for some of them to go here, like 'XXX app can't access external SD card' or 'XXX not producing sound'.


Ultimately, the site is for users of Android about using Android. Using apps is inseparable from this.

I agree with you that a lot of these questions would do better in other places, and some of them — WhatsApp questions in particular, as you've noted — are borderline off-topic. Generally speaking, we try to separate questions about how the service works ("Why can so-and-so still see my messages?") from questions using about the app ("How do I block someone?"), with the former being off-topic, but the line is blurry. Especially with services that are only available on mobile.

I tend to want to see most of these questions gone, as you do, but in the past I have been part of the minority.

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