I'm currently looking forward to buying a new phone. I'm not sure if asking here is appropriate or not, so I decided to ask on this meta post.

I am aware that I should't ask too broad or primarily opinion based questions here. I checked out Can we ask for genuine reviews of an Android Phone here? and it was mentioned there:

This is because shopping questions have no one definite answer, and as such are a bad fit for a question/answer site. Each user has their own preferences and use patterns, and therefore the answers can't be really considered universal.

If suppose I did mention what I require in a phone, and give a priority to what properties I prefer in a phone, would it be reasonable to ask here? I always prefer to ask neat and clean questions with no ambiguity. I refrain from asking vague questions like "What's the best android phone under ₹15k?", but rather I prefer to ask questions like "Can anyone suggest phones with over 13MP camera and over 3GB RAM?".

IF these questions are inappropriate here, where can I ask them?

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Asking for software or hardware recommendations is off-topic here. For the former, we have a sister-site specialist on Software Recommendations – see Where to ask for app recommendations? For the latter, there's another sister site called Hardware Recommendations you should look at – as it falls into the category of Shopping recommendations, which are (as stated) off-topic at Android.SE. Note however that, as Is it on topic to ask for help choosing a suitable Android device? points out, they have a specific understanding on what counts as "high-quality" on that site.

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