From the Android Enthusiasts Beta to the actual implementation, what changes will exactly be taking place?

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Let's see -- what happens when a site goes public:

  • the site gets a custom design and favicon (no more generic sketchy-beta)
  • it is eligible to have questions migrated to and from it from other sites
  • the site will be promoted by sister sites in the network, through house ads and question migrations
  • the reputation levels increase to standard, instead of the relaxed levels that are in place now.

I might have forgotten something, but I believe that's the major points.

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  • Also on my list: "Lock in." A graduated site has progressed past the trials of a probationary period. As a fully-fledged site, it is much less likely to be cited for problems and shut down. – Robert Cartaino Dec 23 '10 at 20:22

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