Recently, while editing tag wikis for some new tags that I have added to the site, I found a tag as well as a tag .

Needless to say, refers to nothing but , as no other phone company has ever produced on7 model. I myself use the Galaxy on7, and there is no other model with only "on7".

It is useless to let exist as a tag by itself. Instead, itself think it should be made a tag synonym for .

What are your views on this? I request the high reputation users and moderators to look into this.

Also, should we make a new tag which will be again be a synonym to ?

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Good find. Merge completed. I don't think this needs a synonym (neither the old on7 nor another galaxy-on7: if you type "galaxy-on7" in the tag box, samsung-galaxy-on7 pops up automatically, same if you only type "on7".

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