I asked a question about 7 months ago, and then, this question was asked - which was the exact same question, just reworded.

I flagged it as duplicate and left a comment saying that reposting questions is a bad idea, even if parts of it were changed.

However, the question also has an answer, saying that "this code helped me" (even though it is a link-only answer).

What would be the best practice for handling this question? My best guess would be:

  • Close the question as duplicate.
  • Migrate the answer.
  • Edit the answer to include the GRUB code.

I've closed the other question as duplicate. With the only answer being link-only, I see no reason to merge it. Due to the dupe-closure, the two posts are linked together anyway, so it can be looked up easily. So in cases like this, you can vote-to-close if your reputation allows, or flag it otherwise.

Thanks for reporting!

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