I have a question about a locked post. It has been locked incorrectly and I need it unlocked. I need to make an update to the post.

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    I see your only question that got locked is this. The question was presumably locked because you seemed to get into an edit war with mods by adding an answer to the question (and even adding an affiliation ID, which is suspicious). May I know what do you want to update to the post? if you want to add a solution, then wait for the mods to unlock it, then post it as an answer, not an edit to the question. – Andrew T. Dec 28 '18 at 18:10
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    Yes, please do convince us you actually want to add something "useful" to the post, even if an answer it is, without disrupting the format. I was the one (long before I became a Moderator) who corrected your post to maintain our Q&A format (I also suggested you to make the answer an answer, and not post it in a question) which you undid for reasons never explained. A moderator, thankfully, took notice of the edit war and locked the post for good. – Firelord Dec 29 '18 at 10:40

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