Very recently, Stack Exchange has revived its official Twitter account, @StackExchange. It had been used intermittently/actually-not-at-all for several years, but now it's being resuscitated for the express purpose of promoting awesome content around the network. As a Community Manager put it, here's what they're looking for:

  • Awesome/interesting/fun Questions & Answers
    We'll feature a few of these per week and try to make sure that they're representative of a broad collection of our sites. This includes notable meta posts, too - though I'm guessing they'll be infrequent.
  • Site events/contests
    If a site has a regular or one-off event, we may be able to tweet about some of them. Some of y'all do events throughout the year and we'd love to share some of the community-led fun.
  • Users who do noteworthy work or meet celebratory rep levels
    We won't Tweet about anyone without reaching out to them first... but if there's someone you think deserves (and would appreciate) a spotlight on what they've been doing, either on main and/or meta, let us know.

They're looking for great posts both young and old - I have word that a "Throwback Thursday" of sorts is in the works - and given that people here have written some phenomenal stuff over the years, we definitely have lots to choose from (as well as plenty of new stuff, too). Here's the first tweet, which I think is a good example.

How will this work?

There are a couple of levels to this.

  1. First, Android Enthusiasts users will write an answer to this question with a link to the content and a short blurb about why it should be tweeted out to 17,640 people and counting. Alternatively, they can also use our main chat room to share the idea.
  2. Periodically (probably more regularly than I expect), the mods will go through and look at submissions. If we see stuff that looks good - and I bet that there will be lots of that - we'll forward that to the Community Team via super-secret backchannels.
  3. A Community Manager will manually select posts to be tweeted.

Oh, I have it on good authority that here may be a Throwback Thursday-style set of tweets each week - so feel free to submit some old posts, as well as new ones!

Whatever happens, @StackExchange is going to be a great opportunity for us and the rest of the network. What content from Android Enthusiast Stack Exchange do you want to see on it?

NOTE: this post will not "expire"! At any time in the future you should encounter a good question/answer, please post it here!

This post was adapted from Frederico's from Aviation.SE and HDE 226868's from WorldBuilding.SE.

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    Deleted posts ;-) Commented Mar 15, 2019 at 13:35
  • So, I'm catching this late November, and, reviewing the activity on the account since March 15, it's, well, abyssmal. Two or three posts PER MONTH, and nothing at all for nearly 2 months.
    – wbogacz
    Commented Nov 25, 2019 at 0:51


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