Now that the official name for Android Q has been revealed to be Android 10, how are we going to handle the naming of tags specific to that version?

In the past, we've used the version number with the codename (e.g., , but that doesn't seem tenable with their abandonment of dessert names. looks like txtspk for "thank you". To that end, do the old version tags need to be renamed to have a consistent naming convention, or should we just take this as an opportunity to make a break, seeing as how this is a pretty major version?

To me, seems the most logical (followed by , , , etc.) Do we need "version" in there, though (i.e., )?

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I think is appropriate with as the synonym. This is also according to what Google uses on its blog.

Android Q is Android 10

About the past Android versions, for naming consistency, I'm thinking of renaming them to , e.g. because it's also what Google uses on their introduction page:

However, this is a low priority and I'm okay with leaving the current tags as-is because I don't see additional benefits to be gained. (Users will just search for '9' or 'pie' without using 'android' when searching for a tag)

Additional remark: there's also which follows the "Android [number]" pattern but unrelated to Android versioning at all. However, I don't think there will be a problem since there's no (the first version of Android) and its related questions yet.

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