I see that many users say that many games (in this case I looked at 2D games) have inappropriate controls. I also noticed that when trying to create my own games that there is no "natural" control/steering like a Joystick was historically and no intuitive keyboard like the PC has had WASD to control many games (or the arrow keys). I see that several games have buttons with arrows and I also myself placed button at the bottom of the view for my game scenario.

enter image description here

Is there a more natural/standard/intuitive/"preferred" way to achive this kind of 2D control?

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Game development (and other development-related things) are off-topic on Android Enthusiasts. This community is mainly for solving problems as Android end-users.

Instead, there is a sister site for this specific topic, Game Development Stack Exchange. Otherwise, since this might also affect user-experience, User Experience Stack Exchange is also a possible alternative.

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