e.g. I want to ask a question if anyone has more details or has seen any update on when Sprint will be rolling out 4G to New York.

This is because I have an EVO 4G, which is an android phone. But the question itself is only indirectly related to android.

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I would certainly hope that model-specific questions are appropriate, otherwise we've rendered the entire site impotent as a support resource.

However, your specific example question seems both speculative and not specific to Android, which probably isn't going to be considered on topic here.

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    I'd have to agree. Questions about the Evo (or any other model) - fine.Questions about Sprint (or any other provider, anywhere) - not so much Sep 20, 2010 at 22:50

Specific model/service provider questions are good -- but specific model compared to specific model questions are bad for multiple reasons

  • subjective (usually, unless specs only)
  • the market changes so fast -- comparing these two apples is pointless in another two months, I would think.

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