I've been active in the review queues, and the number of poorly written questions seems to be increasing.

I fully respect that not everyone is skilled with the English language, and I work hard to clean up posts in which it's obvious that the poster has limited English skills.

But recently, the number of posts with many obvious spelling errors has increased. Sometimes the letters in some of the words are so jumbled that I honestly can't figure out what words they are trying to use. These posts also often lack standard punctuation, capitalization, and use of paragraphs.

Spell-checkers are available on all modern devices, so it's possible that this behavior is driven by laziness and/or lack of interest in effective writing.

How can we encourage people to proofread their own posts with the goal of them fixing their many errors before posting in our community?

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    As a mod and a prolific editor, I just want to say this is a good question without a solution. There were some discussions/feature requests, like one in 2014 on MSE: Require questions to pass a spell-checker.
    – Andrew T. Mod
    Jan 30 '21 at 11:32

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