Just as the title says, the CodePlex Archive homepage shows:

CodePlex Archive will be shut down after July 1st, 2021.

[...] We now encourage customers to use Github for their open source project hosting needs.

CodePlex will continue as an archive until next July (2021), at which point it will be shut down. [...]

While Android Enthusiasts is not a site that uses CodePlex extensively, still, there are posts with CodePlex links.

Some projects have been migrated to GitHub or another site. Look out for the banner or otherwise the archived body.

These are the currently recommended actions:

  • For projects that have been migrated, we encourage the community to fix the links by (suggest an) edit.
  • For projects that have not been migrated:
    1. You may try searching for the project name in your favorite search engine and see if there is a mirrored/forked repository; then you may replace the link with it.
    2. If there doesn't seem any mirror but the post can still be salvaged, try removing the problematic part while leaving the rest of the post valid.
    3. You may also notify the OP about this issue and provide some suggestions like migrating the repo to GitHub or another site, providing the mirrors for the executables, or anything else that might help them fix the issue.
    4. If it links to a specific page on the archive, you may try using Internet Wayback Machine to find the archive of the archive.
    5. Otherwise, if the posts cannot be salvaged without the link, feel free to flag/vote to close them.

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All posts have been taken action.

Here is the list of non-deleted posts (previously) pointing to https://archive.codeplex.com for historical/audit purpose:

Droid Explorer (migrated to GitHub)

Virtual Router (migrated to GitHub)



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