The FAQ doesn't currently discuss shopping. In the faq question: FAQ: "What kind of questions should I NOT ask here?" there is an answer that says that shopping recommendations are not allowed, but that app recommendations are "on the border".

Are these on topic: I need an app that does XYZ? or I want a widget that does ABC.


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I like what Al said over here:

Some completely made up example titles:

* How can I stop certain apps from starting automatically? Should I?
* How can I export my contacts to a CSV file?
* How can I get my Calendar app to start the week on a Monday?
* How can I send a single SMS message to multiple recipients?
* How do I root my Android device? Why would I want to?

I guess the key here is if you can't phrase it as "How can/do I do X on my device (in this app)?" it's suspect.

So basically, don't ask "What's the best music player" (very subjective) but "How can I play gapless music" instead. The former is way too subjective and differs on opinion whereas we can actually answer the latter question.

  • Precise and to the point. This should be linked to / included with the FAQ IMHO.
    – Izzy Mod
    Aug 13, 2012 at 12:25

Such questions should be posted here instead:

Software Recommendations

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