I have the required rep to edit tag wikis (2006 at the time of writing) and it shows as such in my profile, yet whenever I'm editing and adding info to a tag, the banner at the top says - "You do not have tag wiki edit privileges".

Is this intentional behaviour ? Even a user with the approval to edit tag wikis needs to get it approved by others?

Tag Wiki Screenshot

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    Good question. Sounds to me like it might be a bug. – ale Mar 5 '11 at 19:24

I'm not entirely sure how the tag wiki privileges work, to be honest, but based on the rep listings (for a beta site):

  • At 1500 rep you gain the ability to approve tag wiki edits
  • At 4000 rep you gain "trusted user" status and can edit all tag wikis
  • Any registered user can submit a tag wiki edit but it must be approved by someone with sufficient rep (or possibly a Mod?)

Technically speaking, then, it appears that 1500 rep is not actually enough to edit wikis without approval. This does seem a bit confusing, though, since you could seemingly approve your own edit based on the by-the-letter description of the 1500 rep priv. I don't know if it actually works out that way, though...

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