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Does this influence my accept rate ?

Can I still reach a 100% accept rate now ?

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Taken from the blog entry:

  • The accept rate is the percentage of answers accepted based on the questions asked by the user.
  • The accept rate is calculated on questions that are older than 3 days.
  • The accept rate is heavily cached and can take 24hrs or more to update.
  • The accept rate is only calculated when the user has 4 or more questions.

Which questions do not affect the accept rate?

The following questions are not included in the accept rate calculation:

  • Community Wiki Questions
  • Closed Questions
  • Questions with no answers

What does the accept rate mean?

  • If the stat doesn’t appear at all, it’s a new user, or someone who rarely asks questions.
  • If you see a low percentage, it’s a user who asks a lot of questions but accepts almost no answers.
  • If you see a high percentage, it’s an engaged user, someone who frequently goes back and interacts with their questions after asking.
  • If you see a middle of the road percentage, it’s an experienced user who understands what accepted answers are for.

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