Unless I'm mistaken, I meet the criteria for having the Generalist badge, and have for quite a while. I would assume other users do as well, but no Generalist badges have been awarded. Am I mistaken?

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This is our current generalist query:

select * from
    select UserId as Id
        select UserId from UserTagTotals
            where TotalAnswerScore >= 15
            and TagId in (
                select top 40 Id from Tags
                where [Count] > 200
                order by [Count] desc
            and (select COUNT(*) from Tags where [Count] > 200) >= 40
    ) as X
    group by UserId
    having COUNT(UserId) >= 20
) as generalist

In particular we make sure:

  1. Only tags that have more than 200 questions are considered
  2. Your score is more than 15 on 20 of the top 40 tags

At the moment no one in the android site can get the generalist badge due to (1) ... over time as the site gains traction, the badge will pop up.


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