Fairly self-explanatory, I think. I had the Suffrage badge from long ago and yesterday I used all 30 of my daily votes, but I don't see a x2 next to the badge on my user page.

Just curious.

  • Using up 30 votes is a very easy way to get a badge, which is great for encouraging new users to vote; but if you're allowed to receive it multiple times it devalues the badge system. Hence it's a one time badge.
    – Lie Ryan
    Apr 9, 2011 at 12:52

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From: Mark which badges are capable of being won > 1 time

Badges that can be awarded more than once will say so in the description on the badge page, for example:


{blah blah blah badge description}. This badge can be awarded multiple times.


I don't think so. I've used all my votes a few times and never got the badge again. This makes sense to me though. If I were creating the badge system, this badge would serve to encourage people to get into the habit of voting. The Nice Answer badge, however, would serve to recognize people for their good answers, and it makes sense to recognize all of them instead of only the first one.

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