Just wondering if we can make the colouring of the "Favorite tags" row highlight a bit more obvious. It's barely visible on one of my monitors and not at all on my laptop screen.

Currently it's set to rgba(255, 245, 222, 0.4) and pushing the alpha up to 0.7 or above makes it readable for me.

I could change it locally with a user style, but I'm guessing if I'm having the issue, then others probably are too.


I think your monitor's gamma is a bit off. But I do realize a lot of people have this problem, especially on older LCDs. I have bumped up the alpha to 0.6 if it helps. The change will be in the next deployment.

  • Absolutely agree its an issue with my monitor(s). But as you say it's a common issue and unavoidable for me (dual screening two very different monitors). Thanks for the adjustment. – Alconja Apr 27 '11 at 0:36

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