I noticed today that we have an tag. It seems like it started out benignly, and it has been used for questions about getting system info from the phone or where your personal information is stored. However, I noticed it because this question was tagged with , seemingly because they were looking for information about a specific topic.

I personally think it's kind of a vague tag, and would be prone to further misuse (like above). My initial thought was to possibly create instead a tag and a tag (or similar) since I think they would be much less likely to be used in unintended ways. We already have a tag, in fact.


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Yeah, that's vague and a meta-tag. I'll see if I can clean up some of those.

Update: Okay, I've cleaned the 5 that just had "information". Most of them were changed to so that's probably a good synonym.

  • Sounds like a good synonym to me! Commented Jul 11, 2011 at 15:05

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