We will have 5 Kindle Fires to give away over the course of a week in the near future. Android blogger AndroidGuys will help us promote this campaign. A rough draft of the promotion:

AndroidGuys asks 5 questions on Monday. The next Monday, the 5 users that have best answered the questions win the prizes.

Up for discussion:

  • What should the questions be?
  • Should the 'best answerer' be the person whose answer gets the most upvotes or the person who provides the answer accepted by the asker (AndroidGuys)?
  • Again, what should the questions be!?

Possible Questions (a place to start):

  1. "What is the biggest difference between the Kindle Fire and the iPad?"
  2. "What should I tell a friend who has Android battery problems?"
  3. "What can we expect in the next round of Android releases and should I wait until 2012 to buy one?"
  4. "... Android 4.0 ..."
  5. "What does the graphic published here mean for the future of Android?"

Which of these are unacceptable (for those of you new to the site, please see here)? Which questions should be reworded? What question isn't listed here that you think should be included?

Thanks for the help!


I like the idea, but the proposed questions have the problems that Matthew Read has pointed out.

Would it be better to perhaps choose some of the currently unanswered questions here, find the more interesting ones, and promote those?

  1. You have real questions from real people
  2. Little chance of being closed as subjective, dupe, or off-topic, because presumably that would already have happened
  3. Someone might actually get a useful answer to their thus far unanswerable question

I think only #2 is acceptable, though it might be closed as a dupe. #1 and #5 are way too subjective, #3 is an off-topic shopping advice question, and #4 isn't a question :P. (Note we don't take speculative questions either, which applies to most questions about 4.0 and the Fire right now.)

If a contest wants to use questions here I think they still need to be real questions, real problems, asked and answerable from a user's perspective.

  • Ugh. Beat me to it.
    – ale
    Nov 9 '11 at 21:21

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