Please answer if you've asked or if you see an unanswered Android question that you think is a good question today and will remain a useful question in 6 months.

Once we identify a few, we'll consider offering up a physical bounty!

Thx for the help!

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    I think that one week is to short to produce quality answers for long-time unanswered questions. 3-4 weeks would be better and also attract more people to the contest.
    – Flow
    Nov 11 '11 at 18:47

Here's a few:


I really like the idea, I think there are a lot!!

Here there are some of them:

Block all sounds going out through speaker when headphone connected

How can I fix the WiFi button or prevent WiFi errors when turning it off and back on?


There are many that are good questions and also very hard to answer, generally due to obscurity. There are some that seem more broadly useful if solved, though. One that stood out:

And a newer one:


This is great. Any way we can create a system message or do something else to nudge users to dig thru the old unanswered questions and submit them here? Or how about... can you sort old unanswered questions by view count (I can't) to see what garners interest today?

I'd like to maybe nominate 10 or 15 old questions for this initiative & attach a "bounty" -- answer a question, throw your name in the hat for a Kindle Fire.

Also, I don't see why moderators can't be eligible here.


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