We have 5 Kindle Fires for giveaway to 5 Android.StackExchange users who best answer one or several particular unanswered questions posed on this site.

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The Rules:

  • Leave an answer at one or several of 22 questions in the "Kindle Fire Contest." These are questions that have been left unanswered for some time, and that may hold relevance to Android users and troubleshooting Googlers into the future. Improve the Internet... earn a chance at a Kindle Fire!
  • For every answer you leave that is either accepted or the top upvoted answer on the question, your name will be entered to win a Kindle Fire.
  • Results will be calculated and winners will be picked in a random drawing on Monday, Dec. 5 at 10am EST.
  • Contest participants may answer multiple questions -- in fact, it is in your best interest to do so, as each top answer will increase your chances of winning a Kindle Fire.
  • Each participant can only win 1 Kindle Fire. If fewer than 5 participants leave top answers by the deadline, then all second-top answerers will be entered into a random drawing for a Kindle Fire.
  • Question askers cannot enter the contest by accepting answers that they have left themselves.

Eligible contest questions can be found below.

Good luck!


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We have winners!

Congratulations to users JT703, Martin, Flow, masterjo and Erowlin, who will each receive a Kindle Fire in the mail.

Of dozens of answers submitted for 23 22 eligible questions, 66 answers remain undeleted by moderators today, with 4 marked correct by question askers during the contest period.

19 users were included in the random drawing, with users Martin (5), nonsleepr (2), Eddie (2), and Tom (2) each receiving multiple entries.

Thanks for participating and watch out for another contest soon!

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    Congratulations everybody!
    – ale
    Commented Dec 5, 2011 at 19:01

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