I don't know who or when, but is currently a synonym of .

Now, while haptic feedback is a vibration, it is quite separate and distinct from notification vibrations. (The lack of a tag wiki certainly doesn't help.) I don't think they should be synonyms. In fact, "vibration" should probably be or similar.

Does anyone have a good argument for why these should stay synonyms? (Yes, I know it'll take touching every single question with to fix. I'm willing to do it.)

  • turning vibration into notification-vibration is a good idea – joweiser Dec 16 '11 at 12:17

That was me yesterday. There were only two questions so I didn't think the distinction was important. (Side note, I renamed it from to .)

I have no problem with them being separate though. I unsynonymized and retagged the two questions, and added it to a third that needed it.

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