I'm pretty sure that the answer is that Android.StackExchange only accepts questions and answers written in English, but I can't seem to find anything in the FAQ or Meta that definitively states this.

Do we have a policy on this? What is it? I feel that we ought to have something written down on this before I do anything with that question.

(prompted by this question: Android HTC Touch2/Mega written in Turkish)

  • I'm fairly sure we've closed non-English questions before, so there's some precedent, but good idea bringing it to Meta. – Matthew Read Feb 28 '12 at 17:43

This has been already asked already on MSO, although without "official" answer. There's also this answer by Jeff Atwood (admittedly, two years old, and before creation of the diverse family of Area 51 sites) specifically on a question whether English-only policy should be in the FAQ:

Do we really need a NO ELEPHANTS sign?

I mean, isn't such a thing obvious? Would you go to a forum where everyone was communicating in French and type

Hey French Dudes, I got a question but I don't know French so I'm just going to go ahead and ask it in English anyway?

Note that this is different from Stack Overflow, where English is a strict requirement.

There doesn't seem to be a general consensus or an ex cathedra response, and it seems that it's up to each community to decide for themselves.

Although I can appreciate why people would want to be able to ask questions in other languages than English (I'm not a native English speaker either, nor even live in a country where English is an official language), allowing this on Android-SE is going to be a major PITA from pretty much any perspective -- moderation, quality, percentage answered questions, user participation -- for a small to negligible benefit.

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    I agree. Even though I love languages (I speak some French and Spanish), it would make it very difficult to moderate here if we allowed any language to be used. – Bryan Denny Feb 28 '12 at 13:51

With the exception of the language-specific sites (like German Language & Usage), Stack Exchange sites are expected to be English-only at this point.

The official policy was written long before Stack Exchange 2.0 appeared, but now it basically extends to cover all SE 2.0 sites as well as the original trilogy.

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