I have seen a prompt that will create a link to take some users to a chat room to discuss something if they make a few comments back and forth.

My question is: Is there anywhere to find a link that does the same thing, before that prompt is shown? So If I know I am likely to have a bunch of questions for the OP I can post a chat invite link first rather than doing comments back and forth until it shows up?

I've clicked over to chat and I found where I can create a room but it seems to be intended for a more public and less specific topic than what would be used for.

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The best you can really do currently is to create a new room and then invite the user to that room. You can also leave a link to the room as a comment on their post if you want. The automated chat link will also create a public room, so from that regard it's essentially the same (and you can give it whatever title you want).

One downside is that the auto-inserted link will import the comments from the post into the chat room when it's created. Creating your own room beforehand will not do this, but if you are pre-emptively setting up a chat with someone then there is likely not going to be a long comment thread to import anyway, I'd imagine.

This has also been discussed on Meta Stack Overflow.


You can also just write the user on the Android chat room with @<username> or username:, even if the user is not in the room he will get a notification in the top bar (AFAIK).

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    This works, too, with the caveat that "you can only mention @someone who has been in the room at some point." (from the chat FAQ). May 6, 2012 at 21:14

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