The tag covers versions of the OS that includes manufacturer enhancements, but the tag excludes manufacturer enhancements (according to the description).

The version of Android originally on the device as supplied by the manufacturer or phone network, including any customizations, alternative interfaces and updates.

A "stock user interface" refers to a device with the default Android user interface. It lacks both manufacturer/carrier enhancements (e.g., Sense, BLUR) and customized ROMs from the mod community.

From the description, wouldn't (which doesn't exist) be more appropriate? Or change the description?

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    I would agree with you on this, and there was a related discussion about stock vs vanilla here: Let's revisit the "stock" vs. "vanilla" tagging, shall we? I'm somewhat inclined to say that stock-ui could simply be re-named. Questions about a specific stock UI (Sense, BLUR, TouchWiz, etc) should probably be using the more specific tags. – eldarerathis May 21 '12 at 17:05
  • @eldarerathis: Yes, I think renaming the tag would be more appropriate. There appears to be only 5 questions that use the stock-ui tag and they all appear to use it in the correct 'vanilla' sense (although some of these also refer to stock-android when I think they really mean vanilla-android?) – MrWhite May 21 '12 at 17:25

I went ahead and renamed to . I've also updated the tag wiki and the handful of questions that were using the old tag to use the correct terminology. There did not appear to be any questions that were using to actually refer to a "stock" (manufacturer default) interface, so the tag is unused at this point.

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