Google has renamed some services in the last few months. While we have managed to add the correct tag synonyms to those services, there still appear under their old name on the posts. Here is a list of services, feel free to extend:

  • Google Market now Google Play Store
  • Google Places now Google+ Local (has now tag atm)

I think this should be changed, so that the official name appears as tag.

  • Bump. Maybe someone from the Mods should contact SX staff so that they can rename the tags. – Flow Jul 10 '12 at 18:20
  • Mods don't need the Devs for that. It's as simple as creating synonyms, make sure they're pointing in the right direction, and merging. – ale Jul 10 '12 at 19:30
  • @AlEverett Even better – Flow Jul 10 '12 at 20:11

I went ahead and merged the older tags with their newer rebranded versions. Just to record exactly what was changed, I merged and synonymized the following:

If you see a tag that was missed then feel free to leave a comment on this answer and I'll get to it when I have a chance.


Now that the changes have been live for a while I would tend to agree. The old tag should be a synonym for the new and the tag wiki should very obviously state that the thing wasn't always named that.

Up until April 2012, the Google Play Store was known as the Android Market and was changed as part of Google's initiative to consolidate their marketplace for Android apps, music, movies, and books.

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    My only thought on this would be whether or not we should be worried about not having a market tag for old/un-updated devices, although I don't even know if that would be truly relevant. – eldarerathis Jun 21 '12 at 20:12

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