I thought I had enough reputation to do all but the most powerful non-Moderator functions. However, my edits to tag wikis are going into the suggested edit queue (and I'm receiving a message to that effect).

The thing is, I have the approve tag wiki edits privilege. I can see that there are two pending edits (from my latest changes) but when I go to view the queue there's nothing there. I also get +2 reputation points when my changes are approved.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding a privilege?

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The 5k privilege mark is kind of a weird privilege, because you can vote on tag wiki edits made by others, but yours still need approval, which seems rather bizarre. The reason the pending edits don't appear is because you cannot approve your own.

AFAIK, you have to hit 20k "Trusted User" status in order to edit tag wikis without approval:

What are trusted users?

Trusted users are allowed to perform trusted actions, including:

  • Voting to delete answers with score of -1 or lower
  • Voting to undelete answers except those deleted by a moderator
  • Voting to delete questions immediately after they are closed (even if they are new)
  • Editing all tag wikis on the site

So from my understanding this is . An answer from waffles (e.g. Sam Saffron) on Meta.SO appears to confirm this.

  • Makes sense, I guess. Go ahead and put status-bydesign on this question.
    – ale
    Commented Jul 2, 2012 at 23:59
  • Pretty much all of the tag privileges require a weirdly high amount of rep. Makes it hard for a lot of things regarding tags to be done by anyone except moderators. Commented Jul 3, 2012 at 17:47

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