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Can answer lots of questions on here but seem to be not allowed to comment. I guess people don't want answers?

Someone asked how to stop the accessibility menu from appearing when they turned on their phone and I have an answer for that: "go to settings and find appear on top turn off accessibility and it ...
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How to handle answers that include links to Google Play Store apps that no longer exist in that store? [duplicate]

Some answers include links to Google Play Store apps that no longer exist in the Google Play Store. How is it best to handle these answers? The most obvious solution is to see if the app exists on F-...
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Cant answer Highly active question even with enough rep [duplicate]

I am trying to answer this question: Where can find older versions of Apps? but it says this: Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation (not counting the association bonus) in order to answer this ...
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Why are questions rarely being answered, voted and even viewed on this site? (main site)

I was looking at the home page: The timespan is about 8 hours, but no answers and votes; views are very low either. But on its meta, there are good amounts of votes and answers. Older than 8 hours ...
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Should app dependent answers with dead links be replaced with AppBrain's links?

My question may seem like a duplicate to How shall we deal with outdated answers no longer valid? but I'm here seeking consensus for a specific category of answers only, the ones which which feature ...
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Does AE have a different mentality when it comes to voting?

I recently started joining other SE sites, and I noticed that getting votes on answers, is much easier and faster than here. It seems like a good answer will always get upvotes. I do understand that ...
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How to mark a question as solved?

Recently I asked a question about Android. It was answered the next day. Now I would like to mark the question as answered or solved. Is there a standard way to do it? If yes, where to find it?
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How shall we deal with outdated answers no longer valid?

This is a sibling to How should we handle obsolete answers? – but with a completely different focus: while the answers there are simply not longer valid for Android versions newer than X – I'm asking ...
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What is the proper action to take when questions are answered in comments?

What is the proper action to take when questions are answered in comments? None of the comment flag options seems appropriate: rude or offensive not constructive obsolete too chatty other… Should a ...
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What should I do when I see a duplicate answer posted much later than the first one?

In this question, there is an answer which was posted (by me, but that doesn't matter) nearly a month ago. Today, a user posted new answer which (as far as I can see) is the exact same, just with ...
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Should we delete answers that are purely programming solutions?

I'm bringing this up because of this answer and because I don't recall how we've handled them in the past. IMO, it is a valid answer and might also help some adventurous users. I also don't see it ...
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Half line answers -- what would be the best course of action(s) to deal with them?

The following image shows an answer posted for the question How to change the density (DPI) for specific applications? The answer didn't even cover half of the line. Anyhow, I flagged the answer as ...
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Is this an acceptable answer?

The answer in question: I flagged the following answer as "very low quality" because it was pure speculation, didn't offer any explanation or research and was poorly written in general. Was I being ...
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What answers were deleted on this question that caused it to be protected by Community?

I'd like to know what answers were deleted on Display screen keeps waking up when locked that caused it to be protected by Community. I know the criteria for that, but I don't have enough rep to see ...
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Under what circumstances should an off-topic answer be retained? [closed]

I flagged this answer as not an answer because it doesn't address the question asked. My flag was disputed. A lengthy discussion in the comments has ensued, but the answer is clearly off-topic and ...
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Are answers that are just links Answers?

Many times the answer to someone's problem can be found at one of the other excellent Android sites out there on the WWWeb. Rather than recreate the wheel, the simplest thing to do is just give a link ...
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How should we handle obsolete answers?

Given the (relativly) fast evolving process of Android development, there will always be obsolete answers. I wonder how to handle these? Downvote Inform moderator Edit I think edit is best when the ...
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Why do many of the answers posted here on Android seem to link offsite?

I'm seeing lots of questions on the site where people are basically saying "Here's a great guide to X" and the content links off site. My immediate thought is that Android Enthusiasts is the site I'...
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Questions that answer themselves without an Answer

In this question, for example, the asker gives two answers in the body of his question in "Update:" edits, but hasn't posted either as an answer so will this question now always show as being ...
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How do I indicate that I would like to accept two answers?

Sometimes a question may (intentionally or unintentionally) be answerable in two parts, and sometimes said question may indeed be answered correctly by two different users, each answering a different ...
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Can we refrain from answering with lazy guesses or opinions?

I have been reading a lot of "answers" that are merely someone's opinion or lazy guess. If someone asks a specific question and you don't know the answer with authority then don't answer. If you ...
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