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Can limiting the potential answers to libre/foss software be justified within the scope of this site?

I'm asking this question in response to the question How to change the browser of a web-shortcut? (revision 3) and the accompanied comments and the answer addressing it. (Click here for the screenshot....
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Is an app recommendation in an answer acceptable?

The Help Center says that asking to recommend an app/service/ROM is considered as off-topic, but is it acceptable to recommend an app in an answer, for a question which does not explicitly ask for an ...
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Where to ask for app recommendations?

I want to ask recommendations for apps for a given purpose, e.g., managing bank account information. I know my questions won't fit the main site. Where can I have more luck for these questions, within ...
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Is it OK to ask about ad-free apps that are not a virus?

This is inspired from this answer to my question - Can there be malicious apps on Google Play? Aside of that: In case you're still unsure, pick a good forum and ask. Another good idea is to check ...
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Can we go easy on the Votes to Close?

The Vote to Close Review queue has been awfully active lately. While there are indeed some crap questions in there that need to be closed, there are some others that make me scratch my head. Our rule ...
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How do I ask a question that may require recommending a product?

I have a problem that I need to solve, and it may require the recommendation of an app. How do I ask this type of question so that it isn't closed? (Inspired by this question at
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