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Do we really need the "Android-Independent" close reason?

The "general1 off-topic" explanation text already says Questions on Android Enthusiasts should be asked from a end-user point of view and within the scope defined in the help center. And under ...
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ROM development off-topic, but not clear in the help center

I have come to notice that although we have a flag-to-close reason for questions related to ROM development, the help center's on topic page does not do a good job at all of showing that. See the ...
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Why was this answer and question deleted

Here's the A2A question that was deleted. As far as I can tell, this is a question that isn't present on the site. No reason was given why the ...
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How to handle this situation [closed]

One of my questions was recently closed by moderator Matthew Read. From the comment he posted, it appears he felt my question constituted "polling". In fact, I was not interested in "polling", but ...
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Do we need "not reproducible" off-topic close reason?

A question like this one is in my opinion of a very poor value for a future readers, because it is narrowed to just one application, to just one specific version of that application. In addition, ...
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Shall we really close questions on permission meanings as duplicates to the "general list"?

I've just noticed What is the Android Permission “WRITE_GSERVICES” doing? with a long discussion in its comments whether it should have been closed. True, there is a "general list" in What do android ...
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Why was my question asking about "how Android works" closed as "too broad"?

today i posted an question regarding android os process, this question was closed as too broad to explain,My question covers the basic os working process?does cananonical questions are not welcome ...
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What should we do with older questions that just aren't relevant any more?

This is presumably going to become more relevant, and have a bigger backlog over time as things change, but what's prompted this thought right now is Google's recent closure and total shut-down of ...
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Why is my question off topic, while a related question was migrated to AE?

Just asked View a PDF with two columns by displaying it one column by one column and got the comment by @Izzy that it is OT. On the other hand, a related question, How can I view a PDF in 2-up? ...
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What should our new off-topic close reasons be?

The new rework of the close vote system has rolled out network-wide, which brings with it a handful of changes. One of these is that we can now define up to three sub-reasons and modify the default ...
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What makes a question "too localized?"

Based on the Meta question Old questions w/o answers and low view count we came to the conclusion: It is often quite unclear what makes a question "too localized". So we need some (at least ...
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Old questions w/o answers and low view count

Every now and then, I run what I call a "housecleening task", walking the "unanswered" questions and see which I can answer, which are not answerable, and which might be closed. My actions are ...
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How is this question too localized?

My one of questions has been closed: Why can't I see the +1 button on some apps in the Play Store app? Reason: Too Localized I am unable to understand why its too localized. How is it different ...
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Super User is planning to add Android to our migration paths: any feedback?

Greetings, Androids! I am a moderator over on Super User, and we're talking about adding Android Enthusiasts to our default migration paths (available to 3K+ users). Right now, when there's an Android ...
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Why are you so rigorous and why we have so many questions closed

Firs at all I like android enthusiasts very much, I am kinda scared that if you keep going like this, you are going to close this site. My questions are : Why do you so often closing questions ? Does ...
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Voting to close a "list" or "favorite" question - Which reason should I select?

This answer here on meta points out a number of questions asking for a list of apps or "your favorite X app" which should probably be closed due to their subjective/unanswerable nature. When I vote ...
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