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How do I post the details of a question without having my question closed out on this platform?

I posted a question in very simple terms earlier today: Can ANYONE help me with getting my phone that is stuck in a boot loop to be "seen" by any of my computers to get the files out? ...
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Closure: 'How can I download directions for public transport (bus, subway) offline?'

Why was my question (whose title I rewrote 2 minutes ago) closed as 'off-topic', when it resembles these others that were resolved by users' suggestions of apps?
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How to handle this situation [closed]

One of my questions was recently closed by moderator Matthew Read. From the comment he posted, it appears he felt my question constituted "polling". In fact, I was not interested in "polling", but ...
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Can a moderator delete a quite popular question to prevent discussion of a close decision?

If a moderator decides unilaterally to close a question, and their decision doesn't have strong support from the community, and a number of people later ask for the question to be re-opened and give ...
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Question is being marked as duplicate of a closed question, that in turn mentions the first one as duplicate (infinite cycle)!

Problem at hand: The question "How do you link to applications in the Android market?" is being marked as duplicate of the closed question "How to post a link to an android market app? [...
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Why is my question off topic, while a related question was migrated to AE?

Just asked View a PDF with two columns by displaying it one column by one column and got the comment by @Izzy that it is OT. On the other hand, a related question, How can I view a PDF in 2-up? ...
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Should Google Play Store questions be on-topic?

Case in point, this recent question This question was closed by ...
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Retagging closed questions

Can we get in the habit of re-tagging closed questions to have the appropriate tags? I'm thinking specifically about Android development questions. If they are retagged with development it'll make it ...
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Ok. How is this not real?

I'm speaking about this one. The essence of the question is: "Is Nexus 7 truly unbrickable (without touching hardware)?" The question is important (for obvious reasons), and not rhetorical (for ...
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closed as duplicate - a non duplicate question

This question How do I install Google Play on my stock android device was closed as an exact duplicate of how-can-i-install-the-google-apps-package-play-store-on-my-android-device These are ...
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Getting over the hump

This isn't really a question. I was about to post it in chat but figured not many people would see it there. Recently I've noticed several questions being closed by 5 regular close voters, without ...
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Does a closed question count towards the accept rate ? [closed]

The following question was closed without any answer : Does this ...
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