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Can answer lots of questions on here but seem to be not allowed to comment. I guess people don't want answers?

Someone asked how to stop the accessibility menu from appearing when they turned on their phone and I have an answer for that: "go to settings and find appear on top turn off accessibility and it ...
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How do I post the details of a question without having my question closed out on this platform?

I posted a question in very simple terms earlier today: Can ANYONE help me with getting my phone that is stuck in a boot loop to be "seen" by any of my computers to get the files out? ...
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What are Points and How do I get them?

I signed up for the Android Enthusiast because my tablet has gone goofy. Specifically chrome and firefox. However, I can't ask questions or comment until I have reputation points. But I don't see any ...
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Why do formatting marks / non-print character contribute to the character limits in comments?

This seems a bit odd to me, especially when, e.g., sharing a link with a long URL. More often than not you'd format the link inline to be human-readable, but the length of the URL itself is often ...
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How to add a multi-line comment?

Any time I'm typing comments, I want to press enter/return to start a new line. Instead, it selects the blue Add Comment button. Even if I copy from notepad where I've put line returns, when I paste, ...
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What is the proper action to take when questions are answered in comments?

What is the proper action to take when questions are answered in comments? None of the comment flag options seems appropriate: rude or offensive not constructive obsolete too chatty other… Should a ...
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Haste or Prudence: which one is it?

The help center for When shouldn't I comment? states Compliments which do not add new information ("+1, great answer!"); instead, up-vote it and pay it forward; which means comments like "thank ...
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How come a single reputation user able to comment and ordering of comments that are converted from answers to comments?

In a question I asked few days back a user named ajay(with 1 reputation point) answered my question which was flagged for deletion by me and then user Izzy added a comment on behalf of ajay and ...
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Unable to edit a comment as on save it gives two different pop-ups

I am trying to re-word my comment as it has gone very lengthy but when I do so it gives two different pop-up's every time I try to save. At first it gives a pop-up saying that "Comment's may be ...
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Required to post comments as answers

Due to the restrictions on posting comments, I am often forced into adding an answer and stating that I am unable to add comments. (Here is an example of an 'answer' that is more a comment: https://...
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How to promote an answer from a comment?

I've seen in an unanswered question that an user posted what seems to be an answer as a comment. That user has not posted it as an answer although someone suggested him to do so (maybe he has not ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Formatting options in comments

I noticed that user Ce4 had hyperlinks in the comments he/she made. For instance, the question "Android connected to Car system" the comment made by ce4 is as follows: I wonder how this is achieved ...
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Make "[Meta]" display as "Meta"

I'm used to making comments like See the [FAQ] which render as: See the FAQ When I comment Discuss on [Meta] I get: Discuss on Android Enthusiasts Meta This is a bit redundant and awkward (in my ...
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Problem with name auto-complete when writing comments

While writing comments as a reply to particular user, when i press @ followed by 1st letter of user's name i get an Auto-Complete box suggesting the user's name. It is a very useful feature. But ...
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Comments off the topic of a question

I was reading the comments on this post and got a bit confused as to why JonnyP and travis were talking about Flipside and Motorola when the OP had a Droid Incredible. Now to be fair had I not been ...
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Problem with reputation required for voting and/or commenting.

I am trying to be a productive member of this website and I'm having a problem with the reputation system. Now I don't have a problem with the reputation system as a whole, I find that it works well. ...
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