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Dumbest moderator of the year award, t0mm13b

I seldom have a problem with moderators, but I can't deal with total incompetence. T0mm13b just marked three different questions and three different answers as duplicates and I challenge anyone to review them.

  1. Heimdall errors, “ERROR: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device.”
  2. Heimdall errors, “ERROR: Partition ”recovery“ does not exist in the specified PIT.”
  3. Heimdall errors, “Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence!”

According to @t0mmb13b, 1 is a dupe of 2. 2 is a dupe of 3. And, 3 is a dupe of 1 and 2. This is nothing short of a total failure to read any of them. I took time to enter these errors into android.stackexchange.com. I didn't do it for me, I did it for others that may run into these problems with Heimdall. They're all self-answered. And, all of these shared a similar format in the title for easy disambiguation by visitors and search engines. All of these errors are caused by different symptoms so I'll summarize them here.

The numbers correspond to the above

  1. This is caused by the device not being in download mode. The device must be put in a different mode.
  2. This is caused by the command's partition argument being lowercase. This is really awkward for a Linux/GNU guy, because heimdall (5) breaks convention, that --argument is the same as --ARGUMENT, what should have happened is that heimdall should have done --partition_name "ARGUMENT" instead. For those who make these most basic-assumptions about Linux utilities, Heimdall is likely to cause confusion. The error message heimdall produces is also useless for most people.
  3. This is caused by a bug in a release candidate of heimdall. It simply needs to be updated. Why is this important if it's just a release candidate then? Simple, heimdall is frozen at 1.4rc1 in the Ubuntu repository.

Moderators need to read the questions and answers before they comment. This kind of closing of questions and answers just discourages involvement. The onus can't be on the submitter to explain why his stuff is different when the judge, jury, and executioner was simply too lazy to read.