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This rule was added due to a discussion on Clever bounty reputation hack (on Meta SE) back in 2010. So here's the hack: Find an interesting question Research and provide a very good answer Open up a bounty on that question to attract attention and votes to your new answer Profit!!! 2 and 3 may be out of order--I didn't see the timing of it. But either way,...


The bounty amount is deducted from your reputation when the bounty starts, not when it's awarded. For the particular example you mentioned, you can see exactly what happened on the reputation tab of that user's profile. They started with 1 like everyone else, got +100 of association bonus, and then spent it on the bounty to get back to 1 rep. They also got ...


You cannot currently offer a second bounty on that question because you do not have enough reputation to do so. The minimum bounty amount doubles on each subsequent bounty you offer on a question: Additionally, if you offer multiple bounties on the same question, the minimum spend doubles with each subsequent bounty (50 reputation on the first bounty, ...


Status: Bounty awarded, on Sept 5, 2019. Bounty proposal for the Answer to How to export a list as Text of all Play Store Apps that I have ever installed The closest topics I can find is How can I export a list of currently installed applications to a file? which covers existing apps on device, and you still need the device to be useful, or depend on an ...


Status: Bounty awarded on 18 Nov 19 by user beeshyams Bounty proposal for the Answer to How to stop apps writing to “Android” folder on the SD card? Reason: user Irfan's answer is well researched and comprehensive. It deserves recognition. In addition, it gives a good top level view and in depth treatment thus suitable for casual and serious enthusiasts.


Status: Bounty awarded on 05/01/20 by beeshyams Bounty for the answer to SELinux permissive kernel - is it a security risk? Reason: Thanks Irfan for demystifying and helping me take an informed decision. I ended up flashing SELinux permissive kernel with the device having SELinux Enforcing

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