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Status: Bounty awarded, on Sept 5, 2019. Bounty proposal for the Answer to How to export a list as Text of all Play Store Apps that I have ever installed The closest topics I can find is How can I export a list of currently installed applications to a file? which covers existing apps on device, and you still need the device to be useful, or depend on an ...


Status: Bounty awarded on 18 Nov 19 by user beeshyams Bounty proposal for the Answer to How to stop apps writing to “Android” folder on the SD card? Reason: user Irfan's answer is well researched and comprehensive. It deserves recognition. In addition, it gives a good top level view and in depth treatment thus suitable for casual and serious enthusiasts.


Status: Bounty awarded on 05/01/20 by beeshyams Bounty for the answer to SELinux permissive kernel - is it a security risk? Reason: Thanks Irfan for demystifying and helping me take an informed decision. I ended up flashing SELinux permissive kernel with the device having SELinux Enforcing

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