This site isn't a forum. There aren't "follow-ups" here: there are questions and answers. If you want to ask a question, use the Ask question button. If you know the answer to a question, write it in Your answer under that question. It doesn't matter how relevant it is: if it's not an answer to the question, it doesn't belong there. People who know the ...


They were flagged as spam and automatically deleted by the system (the Community user). Please refer to the link eldarerathis posted for more information on why your posts were not acceptable.


The automated deleter is already very lenient, and only deletes questions which contain content that our contributors have shown aren't useful or relevant to the site. Both of the questions you link have a score of -1. Of the roughly 1000 people who saw each question, nobody thought they were "useful and clear", but at least one person thought they were "...


Admins and 10K+ users can see deleted questions/answers, and I think you can see your own ones too if you know the URL for them. What was the question about and do you know which day you deleted it? We can have a look through the mod tools and see if we can find it.

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