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Software Recommendations This is one of our newer sister-sites, dedicated to software recommendations (aka "Is there an app for X?"). Please read the linked article before posting there to not have your question closed straight away, as it needs to meet certain criteria to be accepted.


Hardware Recommendations Similar to Software Recommendations, but for hardware. Please note that they expect questions to be specific and clear — you should read their FAQ and other guidance before posting.


Unix & Linux Another Stack Exchange site specific to Linux and Unix. They do say that most question about Android are off-topic (because they belong either at StackOverflow, or Here) but if the questions actually relate to the "*nix" part of Android, they are on-topic. I have also seen quite a few "compiling android" questions there ...


GSM Arena Android news, Android tech blog, device reviews, device tech specs and pictures, device estimated prices, device comparison, device rankings, device search based on user requested features, rumored devices.


Android Police Android news, app reviews, firmware updates, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, videos and podcasts, device reviews, info about custom ROMs and hacks.


If the question is somewhat related to programming, such as building, developing, and debugging Android Apps, you should use Stack Overflow. However, when the question is related to the Android Device, such as Hardware-related or software-related issues, using adb, and others, then you should post / ask the question on Android Enthusiasts.


Android Authority You can ask question on the Q&A page Other Features: Forum, Security, Development, Reviews, News, Interviews, Debates, Opinions etc

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